Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Home Training Kit

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Excellent Brain Home Kit

The Excellent Brain Home Kit will enable you to train you attention and focus abilities using a cutting-edge Neurofeedback kit at the convenience of your own home.
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The Kit Includes:
A NeuroSky Mindwave+ Mobile EEG Sensor
1 User for 6 months
Advanced Training Programs Private Cloud User for the Excellent Brain Platform


The Excellent Brain Home Kit is a comprehensive package providing you with a personalized training program enabling you to make use of advanced Neurofeedback technology to improve your concentration and cope with ADHD. This kit is based on a multi-stage neurofeedback technology training program we developed that enables children and adults of various ages to train basic skills such as attentiveness, concentration.

The Excellent Brain kit comes with a Neurosky EEG wave measurement headset that can connect to your PC or tablet with a standard Bluetooth device. This headset enables the user to visualize brain activity associated with different mental approaches to performing various task, identifying the optimal mental approach for each individual and growing skillful in accessing it through repetition.

The training program of Excellent Brain is made up of thirty encounters, each 20 minutes long. In each encounter you will perform ten different mental activities for two minutes each. At the end of each activity your performance will be graded so that you will be able to keep track of your progress and achievements.

Bear in mind that the purpose of the training is to improve personal skills by identifying the concentration inducing mental approach that is best for you. Repetition is the best way to pinpoint and habituate those mental approaches.
Supported by windows 7 and above operating systems.



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