Excellent Brain Home Kit

Train your brain’s attention with the Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Home Kit

Train your brain’s attention with the Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Home Kit

It is easy to label kids with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and very difficult to diagnose and treat them properly. This disorder affects up to 5% of children in the UK and often diagnosed around their school ages (1). However, health sciences have taken up the challenge and designed various solutions and possibilities to overcome their learning disabilities. One of them is a drug named Ritalin, and more recently, neurofeedback. But what is it about?

ADHD and brain waves

To understand the foundation of neurofeedback, we should briefly evaluate brain activity in a child with ADHD. We can all measure brain waves that give out clues about the stability and pace of our brain activity. These brain waves change during sleep, when focusing on a single task, thinking about an apple or writing a letter for a friend or lover.

In ADHD, it is possible to detect different intensities and frequencies of individual brain waves that correlate with the intensity and severity of the condition. For example, we have alpha waves, which originate in the posterior part of the brain in moments of peace and under the sensation of relaxing and wellbeing. Beta waves are detected during conscious attention, and they are registered during ongoing mental activity. Both of them are significantly lowered in patients with ADHD (2).

Conversely, theta waves are essential in the waking state. They are useful to trigger motivation, imagination and fantasy thinking. According to studies, an imbalance between alpha and theta waves is a fundamental characteristic of ADHD. These children have excessively high theta waves and low alpha waves, which translates into excitability, and symptoms such as inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity (3).

What is neurofeedback about?

Neurofeedback is a revolutionary technique to treat ADHD based on recording brain waves and establishing goals. Through this technology, children are able to realize when their brain waves improve and are continuously given goals to achieve a stabilization of alpha waves and theta waves to improve their symptoms (4).

As a treatment, neurofeedback is very much different from Ritalin because it makes attention self-conscious and engages children in a video game-like session where they are given tasks and goals to attain. It is meant as gradual learning with progressive sessions and recording of their results, and it has successfully modified brain activity and severe symptoms in patients with ADHD as medication would do (4).

What can you do with the Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Home Kit?

The Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Home Kit makes this technology available for you in a user-friendly platform at the convenience of your home. It features an EEG sensor and various training programs designed to improve concentration through a personalized assessment and follow-up of brainwave readings.

This technology is available for children and adults with ADHD and allows to continually monitor brain activity while performing various tasks to identify the optimal brain state.

It is possible to combine neurofeedback with other forms of treatment, including group therapy, family therapy and Ritalin. However, unlike the others, neurofeedback allows ADHD patients to detect the origin of their symptoms and aim for long-lasting improvements, and they will be able to use them in real life. It is a harmless technique that promotes self-control and awareness, and it is now available for you to use in your own home.

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