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We develop innovative brain training solutions based on BCI and Neurofeedback. Explore our solutions and take yourself to the next level.

Home Kit

The Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Training for ADHD Home Kit. The most advanced platform in the world!

Trainer Kit

The Excellent Brain Trainers Kit enables practitioners and trainers to expand their toolbox using the Excellent Brain Platform and Technology.

Drug Free Solution

Neurofeedback is a drug-free solution that fits almost anyone. Over 40 years of research has given a very large scientific basis.

Real-time Feedback

Like a ``window`` to your brain - get a real-time feedback based on your brain activity. Let our advanced sensor measure your brain and train you.

ā€œExcellent Brain is a disruptive force in Neurofeedback, bringing the technology to your home.ā€

Helps children and teens with ADHD problems

``Excellent Brain`` software is a revolutionary program that helps children and teens with attention deficit problems. This wonderful software is friendly, easy to use, and challenging. The user's infatuation with the software is fast, the software helps the children understand when they lose focus and when they are present, and thus they are able to take responsibility and be focused while doing homework alone or with friends.
Yossi Gever - children and youth coaches.

Improves Self-Esteem

I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to get to know and participate in the ``Excellent Brain`` program. A program that helps children with ADHD, overcome learning and behavioral difficulties and improves their self-esteem significantly. The program offers amazing technology that only a few people can consume because of its high costs especially for weak populations who cannot afford financially. I would like to thank you on behalf of the principal of the school - Iris Ido Mastai and on behalf of the children and their parents who participated. Thank you for giving the children in Ramla a chance and opportunity to realize their abilities.
Pippin Eisenstein - School counselor

the great experience of training

Michal Kenneth, an expert treating attention deficit disorders, talks after the first training session of a 5th grade student using the ``Excellent Brain`` exercise program : ``the student is a child that I know well and was treated with Paramedical therapy over a year and a half. We had the first session using ``Excellent Brain`` in the afternoon; he was sitting straight, held his hands together and kept his attention level during the training. He eventually improved his results during the training, a huge surprise to me and to his mother. The appearance of keeping the posture of the body and the hands while creating attention and focus was a novel for all of us. Even after the first training with 'Excellent Brain', you already understand that you can induce input from the training to the real world. You can then be mindful with your body language when you want to generate attention. The results can be applied in class and at home. Not to talk about the enthusiasm to meet, and start playing computer games. ``He kept on talking about the great experience of training,`` the mother adds.
Michal Kenneth - A didactic diagnostician and a teacher of corrective instruction from a senior moxo decoder who specializes in attention deficit disorders
Ofer Lidsky

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